I provide the following professional services:

Research: Do you need information? I can find it! I can locate stuff on the internet and in published sources, but I also specialize in finding old records, searching archives, and locating obscure sources. If you need original research based on primary documents, I can deliver. I can also conduct interviews or report on my observations.

Writing: I can present information in written form, but I can also interpret information and organize it into meaningful themes or arguments. I can write memos, reports, studies, papers, books, blogs, and more. I know how to convey a mood, persuade a reader, and present a point of view.

Editing: I can edit at various levels. Perhaps you can brainstorm ideas and information into written form, but do not have the time to organize or revise. I can do it for you, through structural (substantive) editing or re-writing. Perhaps you know what you want to say and can write it down, but your work needs cleaning and tidying. I can check grammar and punctuation, cut excess words, improve readability, and provide other copy and stylistic editing.

Education: I can present the results of my writing and editing projects in public, through illustrated talks, interviews, discussions, or other forums. I can also provide presentations in my areas of expertise: educational history, BC social history, how to write history, how to write non-fiction more generally, and even basic blacksmithing.

Rates: hourly or per contract.

Contact: send email to ej (my first initials) damer (all one word), followed by the “at” sign, followed by the word “telus,” a period, and the word “net”.


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