About Me

I have nearly twenty years of experience as a writer, researcher, and editor. I published my first article (about a climbing trip to Dunn Peak in BC’s wild interior) while still a student in high school. I learned a lot by working with the magazine’s editor, and continued to learn on-the-job as a regular columnist for the BC Naturalist. As a graduate student in the 1990s, I learned to conduct careful research and craft it into persuasive articles of a more scholarly nature. At the same time, my instructors and colleagues noticed my strong writing skills and approached me for help editing their own papers. After many student papers, magisterial and doctoral theses, and publications in scholarly journals, I was finally free of the academy.

Or so I thought. Over the subsequent years, I authored or co-authored five books about the history of The University of British Columbia, edited student and faculty papers, taught as a sessional, and helped others with their research and writing.

Outside the academic setting, I have conducted research for museums, for legal proceedings, and for institutions conducting heritage assessments. From that research, I have written a range of reports and presented my findings publicly (including a live interview on the CBC).

In my “free time” I have written or edited content for web pages, newsletters, brochures, and internal memos. Many of these were light-hearted or amusing, written for fun as much as anything else.

BA (Philosophy), University of Victoria
MA (Adult Education), University of British Columbia
PhD (Educational Studies), University of British Columbia
Courses in technical writing, editing, and marketing
Member of the Executive, Editors BC (2014-16), a branch of Editors’ Canada


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